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We easily connect you to experienced and trustworthy proffessionals; for small businesses that might mean hiring an office assistant and for individuals that might be finding an electrician
After sign up, click the "post a job" button
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You can apply for full-time jobs (e.g office assistant) or find one time jobs (gigs) that can help you earn over 5,000 Naira per day (e.g grocery shopping & errand running).
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From simple jobs like finding a reliable electrician, hiring a private Spanish tutor for your kids, to jobs that can help your small business grow like hiring product marketers. We connect you to over 5,000 qualified professionals across Nigeria.
Frequently asked questions
We are always available to answer your questions, click on the WhatsApp icon below to speak to any of our customer representatives or send us a direct message on any of our social media pages.
Q. What type of jobs can I get on Bridge?
A. We like to group all the jobs posted on our platform into 3 main categories;
(1) One-Time jobs e.g finding an electrician
(2) Part-Time jobs e.g hiring sales agents
(3) Full-Time jobs e.g product marketing.
Q. Is Bridge safe to use?
A. Yes, Bridge is 100% safe to use, we run a series of background checks and verifications on our users.

However, you are advised to use your discretion when you don't feel safe about hire and report to us immediately.
Q. How can I start using Bridge?
A. Click the "Get started" button and create an account, you can search through the feed to see the type of jobs you would like to apply for.

If you would like to hire someone instead, click the "Post a job" button after sign up and complete the form.

PS: For mobile phone users, the "Post a job" button is a round blue button with a white "plus sign" in it.
Q. How are you ensuring safety against COVID 19?
A. We advise everyone hiring workers on Bridge to ensure the workers come with protective equipment like nose masks, face shields, sanitizers.

We also encourage you to deny entry to whoever doesn't obey these safety conditions and report them to us immediately.
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