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How does Bridge work?
We provide a safe, secure, and reliable way to find people in your neighborhood whom you can hire in less than 5 minutes
Click "Post a job" and complete the form
Hire electricians, grocery shoppers etc.
Receive quotes from neighborhood workers
Review offers and choose from the best.
Make payment after a completed job
Pay with your card, bank shortcode or cash.
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Frequently asked questions
We are always ready to answer your questions, contact us if you have more questions about how we operate.
Q. What kind of jobs can I get on Bridge?
A. We provide you access to 4 types of jobs in your neighborhood;
(1) One-Time jobs e.g finding an electrician
(2) Part-Time jobs e.g hiring a sales agents
(3) Full-Time jobs e.g Secretary positions
(4) Internships e.g fashion designing etc
Q. Is Bridge safe to use?
A. Yes, Bridge is 100% safe to use, we run series of background checks and verifications on our users.

However you are advised to use your decression when you don't feel safe about an hire, report to us and we will take care of it.
Q. How does Bridge ensures my client pays me after a completed job?
A. Firstly, we only receive payments when a client is posting a "One-Time" job and paying via card e.g Hiring a grocery shopper.

As a worker, you can request for your client to pay you on Bridge via card instead of cash, this will enable us withhold the payment until you complete the job. After the job is completed, we will release the payment to your prefered account. This is to ensure that no worker is being owed and every client gets a satisfactory job.
Q. How can I start using Bridge?
A. If you are an employer click the "Post a job" button, complete the form requesting for your job details, and click "Submit" to post your job. You will get a recommendation email from us in 24 hours, recommending to you the best hand for your task.

And if you are a service provider and want to register and start making money on Bridge, click the "Render a service" button. Complete the form and submit it, you will get a confirmation email from us in 24 hours, after then you can start receiving job offers on Bridge.
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